How much can your home solar energy generate is depending on factors such as weather conditions, the angle of orientation of the solar panels, and shading. with the abundant sunshin in San Diego, solar energy system can be highly efficient and can generate a significant about of electricity for homes and business in the area.

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How many kilowatts do I need?

A solar energy system can power a wide range of devices and appliances. A typical San Diego home on average uses about 5kw to 6kw of solar system. 

To give a rough estimate given that San Diego has about 5 hours of sun peak time and about 20% of system losses due to losses in wiring, inverter, and the type of your solar panel, on average a 6kw system can only generate about 20~25kwh per day.

A 6kw solar energy performing with 80% efficiency is enough to power a typical household’s energy including appliances, lighting, electric cars, electronics, and heating or cooling systems. Here is a rough breakdown of how the power might be distributed among these different categories over the 5 hours

  1. Home Appliances:

    Running multiple home appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher at the same time might consume around 4-5kW of power over 5 hours.

  2. Lighting:

    LED lights are energy-efficient and consume relatively low power. Running multiple LED lights in your home for 5 hours might consume around 0.5-1kW of power.

  3. Electronics:

    Running electronics such as TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and chargers concurrently can consume varying amounts of power. For example, running a TV, computer, and gaming console for 5 hours might consume around 1-2kW of power.

  4. Electric Car:

    Charging an electric car can consume a significant amount of power. Depending on the car’s battery capacity and charging speed, charging an electric car for 5 hours might consume around 4-5kW of power.

  5. Heating or Cooling Systems:

    If you are using heating or cooling systems like air conditioners, heaters, or fans, their power consumption can vary significantly. For example, running a window air conditioner for 5 hours might consume around 1-2kW of power.

Overall, a 6kW power supply available for 5 hours should be able to power a combination of home appliances, lighting, electronics, an electric car, and heating or cooling systems in a typical household. It’s important to be mindful of the power ratings of individual devices and appliances, as well as to manage the overall power consumption to stay within the 6kW limit over the 5-hour period.

It’s important to note that some home do not need large system. Contractors usually determin the exact size of a home solar energy  based on your home’s daily kilo-watts-hours  or  yearly  kilo-watts-hours used.

The higher the Kilo-watt-hours you need the higher the size of the system.


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